Bodybuilders, both hard  core and those who are more laid back have been looking for different products they can use in conjunction with their workout routines and special diet to push their workout efforts to the next level. One of the newest items on the market that is gaining popularity is L-arginine, otherwise known as nitric oxide.

Not to accurate, nitric oxide is not actually a new discovery. It was actually back in the late eighties that the effects of this gas on the body and the circulatory system were discovered. It’s taken some time, but now there are several different supplements on the market that take advantage of the body’s method of synthesizing nitric oxide from the amino acid l-arginine and the benefits it has. Let’s take a look at what happens during and after a bodybuilding workout and how nitric oxide supplements can help.

As we exercise our muscles and push them to perform there are actually several different things going on.

First, as we push out muscles, we are actually creating microscopic tears in the muscle. It is when these tears heal that we gain increased muscle mass and improve the level of lean muscle we have in our bodies. Nitric oxide supplements helps during this phase by providing our muscles with an increased level of blood flow, oxygen and nutrients so that the muscle has the energy it needs to be pushed. All of these things add up to a higher level of endurance and stamina as well as a slight increase in power.

Second, after our workout our body has to begin repairing the small amount of damage you have done to the muscle to actually increase your mass. Once again the increase in oxygen, blood and nutrients helps to speed this process up. Not to mention the fact that the increased blood flow will help to remove the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles, the major source for muscle soreness after a total workout. What this all means is that you will recover from one workout much sooner and be able to work out again in less time. Over time, more workouts mean better results.

Using the nitric oxide supplement is not a magic pill. You will not be able to simply take one and watch your muscles build as you sit at home. It is a tool that can be added to an existing exercise and diet plan to help improve the results you see. So take the time and try it out for yourself. You may end up regretting not trying it sooner when you see the results it gives you.